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We are delighted to finally be able to greet you on this brand-new site devoted to the trekking in Cape Verde, country as small as it is out of the ordinary.

Because we want the best for this country we love, Cape Verde Trekking means to change the stakes: offering you the best deal without compromising the interests of the local environment: the Cape Verdean environment, natural resources and, of course, the Cape Verdeans.

We won't spare our time nor will we curb our enthusiasm when it comes to offering a trip that suits your needs: long or short stay, one island or all of them, idleness at the beach or challenging treks - we can accommodate all of these. Simply browse through our selection of stays or hikes alone or with a guide.

To fully appreciate your stay in Cape Verde with a total peace of mind, you can trust our long lasting experience on the spot and allow us to arrange your holidays in Cape Verde.

From the initial contact with us until the end of your stay, a personal touch is given to the way we deal with our requests by our dedicated Mindelo-based team.

We take care of every tiny detail and can accommodate special needs.

We can also shape the perfect trip for you according to your remarks, desired activities and itinerary - simply check the tailor-made program section.

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