The Well Scented

The Well Scented

Trek without guide

The Well Scented
It may be the smallest of the inhabited islands of the archipelago, but Brava has many things to offer: impressive mountainous areas, valleys and plateaus of unforgettable beauty, a rich cultural heritage. After leading you to the summit of the island, this tour will bring you to one of the most charming coastal villages of Cape Verde. Don't be surprised if, after a trip to the flower island, your mind will be full of lyrical musings.



Type of stay :
Trek without guide

Island(s) :

Localities visited :
Nova Sintra, Faja d'Agua, Furna

Maximum difficulty : 3

If the title of Pearl of the Atlantic would be re-evaluated, Brava would be Madeira's first runner-up - what Brava lacks in size (10 times smaller than Madeira), it makes up in enchanting landscapes and unforgettable promenades.

Both the magic and mystery surrounding the island stem from the mist of the highlands - and from the Ocean that suddenly emerges when one stands on one of the numerous peaks. The majestic cliffs hide green valleys covered with jasmine, hibiscus and bougainvillea bushes.
While you meander through villages and small valleys, the quaint charm of the colonial architecture will certainly work its way to your heart - Brava's the only island that managed to protect its colonial heritage so well: it might be due to the island's isolation, which somewhat hindered its development.

You'll not just travel in time and through a generous natural environment - you'll also tread upon a land rich in culture and stories. Brava is where most emigrants embarked on American whaleboats; one of the most respected Cape Verdean writers was born in Brava. The island also transformed the morna, the Cape Verdean fado that Cesária Évora introduced to the world.


Day 1
The ferry's arrival in Brava is always something - one needs to witness the joy of family reunions, or to smile at the hustle of impatient sellers ready to unload their goods. Once we've disembarked, look out for the minibuses in order to find the car that will take us up the road of the 99 curves, all the way to Nova Sintra.

Day 2 (hike : 4 hours / +400m (+1310ft) / -400m (1310ft) / Level 2-3)
Brava is an endless source of inspiration - its landscapes are breathtaking and today's hike will unveil all the different aspects of this island, which seems to have stopped in time - as we notice its small but charming houses. The view is outstanding - but we'll probably want to keep on walking, probably because of the irresistible smell exuding from the hibiscus flowers, that are allegedly also edible.

Day 3 (hike : 2 hours / -600m (-1970ft) / Level 2)
The descent to Faja d'Agua is another spectacle, proving how much the island earned its name: Brava means wild. Once we reach sea-level, why not relax in one of the numerous natural rock pools.

Day 4
Back to the harbour to take the ferry. This island that revitalised Cap Verdean poetry and morna will certainly set off a feeling of sodade, this mild nostalgia that grips the heart of those unfortunate enough to leave the archipelago.

The island of Brava is only accessible by boat from the island of Fogo. This tour includes ferry tickets. The boat ride lasts about an hour.


Round-trip ferry tickets Fogo - Brava
All transfers in Brava
Accommodation for 3 nights
2 roadbooks for your hikes
1 picnic 1 lunch
Luggage transfer (for the hike on day 3)
Tourist tax

Price per person

211 € per person, based on two people

172 € per person, based on four people

Price info

Single room (for the 3 nights) extra charge: 78 EUR per person

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