The Lava

The Lava

Trek with guide

The Lava
Brace yourselves: experiencing a close encounter with a volcano is never a harmless moment. And the one in Fogo is one piece of a volcano! This fascinating dark cone that majestically rose out of the ocean, all the way up to the clouds, is somewhat striking. The volcano, which obviously can not be overlooked, shaped the identity of the island and of its inhabitants, proud to live in a stunning environment, even if it means living under the sword of Damocles - nobody knows if or when the volcano will wake up.



Type of stay :
Trek with guide

Island(s) :

Localities visited :
São Filipe, Cha das Caldeiras, Portela

Length : 4 days
(included 2 of walking)

Maximum difficulty : 4*

An island with 3 distinct colours: black for the solidified lava, green for the vineyards that provide us with a delicious and acclaimed wine, blue for the sky which we try to come closer to, after an impressive ascent up the volcano. An additional fourth colour would be blond for the inhabitants of the village located inside the crater, descendants of a French aristocrat that found shelter on this fire island.


For all hiking enthusiasts

Day 1
Flight from Santiago. When the plane approaches Fogo, one can't help staring at this dark cone. But what will charm us in São Filipe are the elegant and noble colonial mansions (sobrados), the pretty little streets leading to the ocean and the vivid colours of the Church Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Night in São Filipe.

Included services:
- Flight Santiago - Fogo
- Transfer Airport - Guesthouse Bela Vista
- City tour with roadbook Sao Filipe
- Dinner
- ON/DBL Guesthouse Bela Vista, Sao Filipe
- (-/-/D)

Day 2 (Hike: 4, 5 hours; level: 2-3 // +400m / -400m)
We give this day an early start up to the crater. Alone the ride uphill is breathtaking - suddenly, after a curve, there it is: majestic and impressive. While getting closer to the volcano, wandering in the caldeira (literaly the cauldron) through cultivated fields and spectacular landscapes, we can not believe the blend of colours we have before our eyes. We spend two nights facing the volcano, in an accommodation built upon the still warm Lava - another adventure!

Included services:
- Transfer accommodation - cauldron
- luggage transfer to accommodation
- guided tour to Pico Pequeno and through the lava fields
- lunchbags and dinner
- ON/DBL Casa Marisa, Cha das Caldeiras
- (B/LB/D)

Day 3 (Hike: 5 hours; level: 4**; +1100m/-1100m)
Before dawn we have breakfast because we need to leave early to avoid the excessive heat of the day. Once we reach the summit (2829 metres/9281 feet), and if the weather allows it, we are rewarded by an astonishing view upon the crater and ancient or recent laval flows. A second reward lies in the descent: we have the choice between running, sliding or rolling down the pozzolan gravel... It's so much fun, we'll want to hike up to be able to go down again!

Included services:
- Guided hike Pico Grande
- Lunch and Dinner
- ON/DBL Casa Marisa, Cha das Caldeiras
- (B/L/D)

Day 4
After breakfast, we head to the airport for our flight back to Santiago.

Included services:
- Transfer accommodation - airport
- Flight Fogo - Santiago
- (B/-/-)

Included meals are mentioned as follows:
B = breakfast; LB = Lunchbag; CB =coffeebreak; L = lunch; D = dinner


Included services:
Domestic flights Santiago > Fogo > Santiago incl. Taxes
3 overnights with breakfast, incl. Overnight tax
1x lunchbag, 1x lunch, 3x dinner
2 hikes with english-speaking guide, 1 hike with roadbook
All airport-, harbour- and other transfers mentioned in the program
Our 24/7 emergency service

Not included services:
Visa for Cape Verde (25 EUR)
Travel insurance
Not mentioned meals and all drinks
All services that are not mentioned

Included meals are mentioned as follows:
B = breakfast; LB = Lunchbag; CB =coffeebreak; L = lunch; D = dinner

Price per person

549 € based on two people

439 € based on four people

Price info

Single room surcharge (day 1, 2 and 3): 30 EUR per person

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Levels of difficulty:

1 = Easy cheesy
2 = Easy
3 = Difficult in some places
4 = Intense
5 = Do not even think of it
* = Only with a guide

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