The Catxupinha
The Catxupinha

The Catxupinha

The Catxupinha
A beautiful two week stay to delve into the Creole soul of Cape Verde, by visiting four of its islands, each with its unique geographical features and deeply rooted culture: be prepared for a spectacular journey.



Type of stay :

Island(s) :
São Vicente
Santo Antão
São Vicente

Localities visited :
Praia, São Filipe, Cha das Caldeiras, Mindelo, Ponta do Sol, Paúl

Length : 15 days

A beautiful two week stay to delve into the Creole soul of Cape Verde, by visiting four of its islands, each with its unique geographical features and deeply rooted culture: be prepared for a spectacular journey. Complete program in the details section.


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The Catxupinha

Tour designed for passengers of TAP flight from Lisbon to Praia (Santiago).

Day 1
Arrival in Praia, the capital of Cape Verde. Transfer from the airport to our hotel. Night in the Plateau neighbourhood, the historic centre of town.

Day 2
Kem ka ta badu, ka ta biradu - Who does not leave, can't return: the traveller is greeted with those words carved on a monument in front of the Praia airport. We leave Santiago for a few days and are off to the island of fire: Fogo. In São Filipe, we are overwhelmed by the serenity of this little town, surrounded by black sand beaches, and by its charming and colourful streets. Night in Sao Filipe.

Day 3 & 4
It's time to pay a visit to the volcano! The island gets its name from the crater in its centre, which last erupted in 1995. Alone the ride uphill is breathtaking - suddenly, after a curve, there it is: majestic and impressive. Its smouldering look will watch over us for the next two days. We spend the night at the foot of the volcano, without running water or electricity - but don't worry: the amenities are more than liveable!
Explore the natural environment surrounding Pico, take a moment to imagine how much power was needed to launch this cone 2800m above sea-level; finally, let us reward ourselves with a glass of the locally produced red wine made from grapevines imported two centuries ago by a French count living in exile in the archipelago.

Day 5
You can take our word for it: leaving this magical place is a sorrowful moment, full of melancholy. But the hinterland of Santiago, the most African island of Cape Verde, is awaiting us. The region of Rui Vaz has so much to offer! Night in a mountain lodge... The delightful dinner is made with the vegetables produced in the surrounding gardens: they even grow strawberries.

Day 6
After being awoken by birds pecking their beak against our window, we enjoy a breakfast overlooking the spectacular mountain panorama. From here we can visit the island, go swimming in Tarrafal or simply observe the Cape Verdean daily life, mostly happening in the street. Night in a mountain lodge.

Day 7
Today we leave the Leeward Islands (Sotavento) and discover the Windward Islands (Barlavento). Our first stop is in Mindelo, the cultural capital of the country. To test the water of this special place, why not have a coffee with Alberto, former professional football player of the club Benfica - he owns the Café Lisboa, an aristocratic bar in the Rua Lisboa. Night in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 8
Let's spend the day on São Vicente, home to Mindelo: we immerse ourselves in the covered markets of the city, take a tour of the island to panha fresko (get fresh air) on top of Monte Verde, the island's highest point at 774m. Though the topography of São Vicente may be less spectacular than his sisters', we most certainly fell under the charm of Mindelo. Night in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 9, 10, 11 and 12
Ferry to the decadently green island of Santo Antão - the big sister of São Nicolau. Be careful: the landscapes of this island are of breathtaking beauty. Upon your arrival, find a private taxi or take a public minibus (aluguer). The private taxi, more expensive, will lead you to your destination via the wonderful 'road of the Rope' (and it will stop if you want to take pictures), while most minibuses take the new coastal road, faster and more comfortable - also beautiful, but far less impressive than the road of the Rope.
You are free to decide where you want to spend your 4 nights in Santo Antão: may we suggest you stay in either Paúl or Ponta do Sol. If you want to combine hiking with this stay, feel free to browse our selection on Cape Verde Trekking in the hikes section, there is something for everyone and for all levels.

Day 13
Ferry back to the nearby island of São Vicente. Let's take advantage of the time on this island to do some last minute shopping. If we head to the market, we'll find the good malagueta (piripiri), the spicy oil that we were able to enjoy with every meal. Our tip: have a nice cup of tea while nibbling on the pasteis de midj (sort of doughnuts made of corn) at the Casa Café Mindelo, a very aesthetic place. Night in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 14
Return to Praia - we make the most of the capital on our last day. Below the Plateau we find Praia's market #1: Sukupira - where one can find everything: African textiles, designer clothings, crafts and jewelry. It's worth it: even if it's just to walk around, it's a great place to take the pulse of the city. Night in the Plateau neighborhood in Praia.

Day 15
Flight back to Europe. Don't be sad: the sodade might be so strong that you'll eventually come back!


All transfers Airport - Hotel - Airport
Round-trip inter-island flights: Santiago - Fogo and Santiago - São Vicente in class T
14 nights in guesthouses / hotels
Day-use room for Day 15
Round-trip ferry tickets to / from São Vicente - Santo Antão
Transfer São Filipe - Chã das Caldeiras - São Filipe
2 dinners
Tourist tax

Price per person

826 € based on two persons sharing a double room

825 € based on four persons

The prices for inter-islands transport vary in certain periods of the year, we may sometimes be required to change the prices shown here : no last minute surprises, we will inform you as soon as our first message.

Price info

Single room extra charge (for the entire stay): 272 EUR per person

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Did you know?

The Cachupa (or catchupa, catxupa, katxupa) is the name given to the national dish: a stew made of corn and beans, simmered for hours after being soaked overnight; one can add sweet potatoes, cabbage, tuna, pork, bacon or chicken: it's called a cachupa rica (rich cachupa).

The leftovers are browned in a hot pan for breakfast the following day (cachupa refogod), and served with a fried egg.

In more difficult times, cachupa might have been the only meal of the day ; for that reason it was supposed to be both substantial and nourishing. Even today, rich and poor eat it with the same pride throughout the Islands. It is without doubt one of the symbols of the unity of the people of Cape Verde. We picked the name Catxupinha, short for cachupa, to show both our commitment and attachment to this unity and to the dish itself.

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