The Grogim
The Grogim

The Grogim

The Grogim
Fifteen days to discovery two green gems of the Northern archipelago, two islands still hidden from the world, living at their own pace, in a traditional way balanced between seeding and harvesting. Between these two rural islands, a cultural excursion will lead you to the island of São Vicente: you'll visit Mindelo, a cultural jaunt to this city spread around a magnificent bay. Its both relaxed and exuberant tempo leaves no one indifferent.



Type of stay :

Island(s) :
São Vicente
São Nicolau
São Vicente
Santo Antão
São Vicente

Localities visited :
Mindelo, Ribeira Brava, Tarrafal, Ponta do Sol, Paúl

Length : 15 days

Pay a visit to three sisters of the Northern archipelago, all three steeped in rich history.

These islands are filled with traditions, friendliness and good mood. Stroll through the small villages and historic centres, enjoy the beautiful architecture of the past centuries, admire the either wild and untamed landscapes or terraced fields - finally relax on a beautiful white sand beach. Make the most of these refreshing two weeks.


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The Grogim

Tour designed for passengers of TAP direct flight to São Vicente.

Day 1
Transfer from São Pedro airport on the island of São Vicente to our hotel. We take our first breath of Cape Verdean oxygen, enjoy freshly caught fish in a restaurant and let a less hectic and more human pace of life, filled with smiles, overwhelm us. We just love this wide bay with bright colours - did you know that it is the crater of an extinct volcano? Night in the historic heart of Mindelo.

Day 2
Transfer to the airport. Time to brace ourselves: we're about to dive into a fascinating culture. São Nicolau is one of the most preserved islands of the archipelago: friendly inhabitants and incredibly diverse landscapes, yet very few tourists. Night in Ribeira Brava.

Day 3
It's in the vicinity of Ribeira Brava that the island reveals all its beauty. In order to fully appreciate the numerous panoramas of the region, you'll find plenty of hikes (all levels) in the Hikes section of Cape Verde Trekking. Night in Ribeira Brava.

Day 4
Change of scenery today: the coast is awaiting us! Transfer to Tarrafal - hikers have the possibility to send their luggage and make the journey on foot. The Northwest region is the greenest and the most populated - and happens to be a paradise for hikers. Night in Tarrafal.

Day 5
In Tarrafal, we have to witness the return of the fishermen to the port, around 1 pm, unloading the fish they caught in the morning. Enjoy the Cape Verdean pace; even without understanding Creole, we're still able to grasp the intensity of the lively discussions. Did you have time to visit the small, yet charming village of Praia Branca? It's where many hikes either start or end. Night in Tarrafal.

Day 6
Return to Ribeira Brava. We have the possibility to send our luggage to Ribeira Brava while we trek up to Monte Gordo - the fat mountain. The highest point of the island (1312m) is located in a natural park with a great system of trails and paths. Let us talk with the staff of the Casa do Ambiente; they will help us pick the right hike for us. Night in Ribeira Brava.

Day 7 & 8
Goodbye São Nicolau - within only a few days, this island surely managed to make its way through our heart. It's time to immerse ourselves into Mindelo's covered markets, toma bonhe (have a swim) in Baia das Gatas or relax on the most Brazilian beach in Cape Verde: Laginha, the pride of the inhabitants and incidentally a pick-up hotspot.
Although the topography of São Vicente may be less spectacular than its sister islands, we just need to go with the flow: that's enough to fall under the spell of Mindelo. Night in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 9
Ferry to the island of Santo Antão - São Nicolau's big sister. Be careful: the landscapes of this island are of breathtaking beauty. Upon your arrival, find a private taxi or take a public minibus (aluguer). The private taxi, more expensive, will lead you to your destination via the wonderful 'road of the Rope' (and it will stop if you want to take pictures), while most minibuses take the new coastal road, faster and more comfortable - also beautiful, but far less impressive than the road of the Rope.
You are free to decide where you want to spend your 4 nights in Santo Antão: may we suggest you stay in either Paúl or Ponta do Sol.

Day 10
We won't lie to you: the Northeast region of Santo Antão is truly a paradise with green-carpeted valleys filled with tropical vegetation, including papayas, mangoes, bananas, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, sugar cane... Santo Antão remains very rural and exports a lot of products to Mindelo.

Day 11
If you want to make the most of Sentonton (name of the island in Creole), you can combine hikes with this stay. See our selection of hikes available on Cape Verde Trekking - there is something for everyone and for all different levels.

Day 12
Learn more about the production of grog, the local rum, by visiting a traditional trapiche. Attention, to be consumed in moderation, otherwise you may experience difficulties finding the way back to your hotel.

Day 13
Do you know how to recognise someone returning from vacation in Santo Antão? He walks around in the streets of his city with a smile on his face, greets everyone, inquires about their health and asks about their family. In Sentonton, it is frowned upon to encounter somebody without greeting or wishing him or her a good day. A stress relief, if not life-saving custom!

Day 14
Ferry back to São Vicente for a bit of relaxation and idleness at the beach in a comfortable hotel.
Walk along the white sand beach, have a drink on the terrace at sunset, reflect on the time you have spent in this small country, then fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves. Night in a comfortable hotel.

Day 15
Alas, the time has come to carefully pack your bottle of grog in your suitcase - it will help to mata sodad (kill the nostalgia) once you're home. If you've caught the virus of Cape Verde, you'll come back; don't worry, it happens to many people. See you soon!


All transfers Airport - Hotel - Airport
Transfer Port - Hotel (Day 14)
Round-trip inter-island flights São Vicente - São Nicolau in class T
14 nights in guesthouses / hotels
Round-trip ferry tickets
Transfer Ribeira Brava - Tarrafal - Ribeira Brava
Tourist tax

Price per person

657 € based on two persons in a double room

638 € based on four people

The prices for inter-islands transport vary in certain periods of the year, we may sometimes be required to change the prices shown here : no last minute surprises, we will inform you as soon as our first message.

Price info

Single room extra charge (for the whole stay): 215 EUR per person

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Did you know?

During your stay in Cape Verde, you will see many valleys covered with sugar cane. The cane is harvested and used to produce grog (or grogue, grogu depending on the islands), the local rum drank throughout the archipelago and sold by the glass in every bar and grocery store.

It is produced in a trapiche (rhum distillery): traditionally, an ox turns a press that crushes the cane and doing so, extracts the juice. After fermentation and distillation, the grog may be drunk like this or mixed with molasses, which gives ponche - much sweeter. You can make delicious liqueurs if you flavour your grog with herbs or fruits. Finally, the ultimate by-product of grog is the stemperod, a mixture of grog and ponche.

Grogim is short for grog and used fondly to say “I wouldn't mind having a little grog”.

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