The North

The North

The North
Discover the beauty of the North: Hike in the mountains of Santo Antão, meet Mindelo - the cultural capital of Cape Verde and the "Ancient Rome of the Atlantic" where party and concerts determine everyday life, and discover São Nicolau - the archipelagos best kept secret. We take care of Flights, Ferries, Hotels and Transfers - everything else you decide every day on your own.



Type of stay :

Island(s) :
Santo Antão
São Vicente
São Nicolau

Localities visited :
Mindelo, Ponta do Sol, Santa Maria, Tarrafal, Vila da Ribeira Brava, São Pedro

Length : 15 days

Recharge your batteries in one of the most beautiful regions on the earth. Regain your strenghts from the hospitality and simplicity of the residents, as well as the fresh mountain air. Take your time to discover, feel, taste, speak, smile and hike. No stress, no to-do´s! Seize the day, far away from the outside world.


Day 1
Arrival at the Airport of Sal and transfer to the guesthouse.

Included services:
- Transfer Airport - Hotel
- ON/DBL Guesthouse Alizés, Santa Maria
- (-/-/-)

Day 2-6
Breathtaking, almost untouched mountainous landscapes, the pleasant island capital Vila da Ribeira Brava, friendly inhabitants, vivid traditions - that´s São Nicolau. The contrast between dry deserts and green valleys with many endemic species like the dragon tree, mingeled with heartly residents and beautiful villages lend the island a particular charm.

Mostly untouched from the tourism industry the island keeps its authenticity and enables hiking fans lonely unforgettable tours. Moderate hikes through the mountains of the island offer spectacular views.

Included services:
- Transfer Hotel - Airport (Sal)
- Flight Sal - São Nicolau
- Transfer Airport - Hotel (São Nicolau)
- 3x ON/DBL Guesthouse Jardim, Ribera Brava
- Transfer Ribeira Brava - Tarrafal
- 2x ON/DBL Guesthouse Alice, Tarrafal
- Transfer Tarrafal - Ribeira Brava
- (B/-/-)

Day 7-8
São Vicente is famous for his capital Mindelo - the second biggest city of the country. The perfect location at the bay, colonial houses, vivid markets, historic places and the best music scene of the whole archipelago - we can´t miss all that. Furthermore the urban beach "laginha", protected from the big waves of the atlantic, invite us to take a swim. Here we are able to paddle around, be lazy sunbathing or join the numerous inhabitants that use the beach as a "open-air gym", how about a caipirinha after the "workout"?

The hinterland of the island is rather dry. At Monte Verde, the highest mountain of the island, there is some agricultural space, made possible through the haze of the clouds dampening the ground. On a beautiful day from here we can enjoy a most beautiful view to the neighbour islands Santo Antão and Santa Luzia, on a perfect day even to Raso, Branco and São Nicolau.

The beach "Praia Grande" offers a mixture of white "Sahara-beach" and black lava sand with rough waves - a place to remember

Included services:
- Transfer Hotel - Airport (São Nicolau)
- Flight São Nicolau - São Vicente
- Transfer Airport - Hotel (São Vicente)
- 2x ON/DBL Aparthotel Avenida, Mindelo
- (B/-/-)

Day 9-13
In the early morning we take the ferry to Santo Antão (duration: approx. 1 hour). Santo Antão is the second biggest and greenest island of the archipelago. Nature lovers will be fascinated by its spectacular mountains and shapes. Characterized by agriculture providing not only for Santo Antão but also for the inhabitants of São Vicente, Santo Antão impresses us by its rural charme.

The Paúl-valley is the greenest and most popular valley of Cape Verde. Tropical green surrounded by huge mountains, small and colorful villages, simple life and friendly people - thats Paúl. The north of Santo Antão is pure nature and numerous unbelievable views. We specially recommend the tour through the "Ribeira Grande"-valley to Cha de Igreja. But also Fontainhas, located at one of the most beautiful places of the country, is worth a visit. We sleep in Ponta do Sol, a charming village of fishermen in the northwest of the island.

The capverdians love the national drink "Grogue", which is mostly produced on Santo Antão. We will come across this drink several times while visiting the island. The here cultivated sugarcane that is used at the destilleries is partially still pressed by oxes. A high-proof rum is made from the sugarcane juice. Tasty and everywhere available on the island. But careful - it packs a punch.

Included services:
- Transfer Hotel - Harbour (São Vicente)
- Ferry São Vicente - Santo Antão
- Transfer Harbour - Hotel by public transport (Santo Antão)
- 2x ON/DBL Residencial Aldeia Jerome, Vila das Pombas
- Transfer Vila das Pombas - Ponta do Sol
- 2x ON/DBL Residencial Ponta do Sol, Ponta do Sol
- (B/-/-)

Day 14
We take the ferry back to São Vicente.

Vacation! No appointments, relaxing in the sun, walking at the beach, taking a swim - enjoy some days of real vacation and let the past few days sink in.

Included services:
- Transfer Hotel - Harbour by public transport (Santo Antão)
- Ferry Santo Antão - São Vicente
- Transfer Harbour - Hotel
- ON/DBL Hotel Foya Branca, São Pedro
- Transfer Hotel - Airport on Day 15
- (B/-/-)


Included services:
Ferry tickets São Vicente - Santo Antão - São Vicente
Domestic flights Sal > São Nicolau > São Vicente incl. Taxes
14 overnights with breakfast, incl. Overnight tax
All airport-, harbour- and other transfers mentioned in the program
Our 24/7 emergency service

Not included services:
Visa for Cape Verde (25 EUR)
Travel insurance
Not mentioned meals and all drinks
All services that are not mentioned

Included meals are mentioned as follows:
B = breakfast; LB = Lunchbag; CB =coffeebreak; L = lunch; D = dinner

Price per person

759 € per person, based on two people

719 € per person, based on four people

The prices for inter-islands transport vary in certain periods of the year, we may sometimes be required to change the prices shown here : no last minute surprises, we will inform you as soon as our first message.

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