The Family

The Family

Trek without guide

The Family
Although it is full of breathtaking landscapes, this side of Santo Antão remains relatively secret - no hotels, no restaurants for miles around. Say, you wouldn't mind staying with locals and sharing their food, would you?



Type of stay :
Trek without guide

Island(s) :
Santo Antão

Localities visited :
Ribeira das Patas, Alto Mira, Norte

Length : 3 days
(included 3 of walking)

Maximum difficulty : 3

Unknown valleys and countless panoramas are brought to you throughout this tour, whose priority remains the contact with nature and with locals. A 3 day hike leading you to amazing landscapes awaits you - don't worry, a car will take you back to your accommodation.


Regions covered : click
The Family

For hiking enthousiasts: an average of a little bit more of 4 hours of walking per day.

9 am from the harbour of Porto Novo.

Day 1 (Hike: 3, 5 hours - level 2-3)
Let's take a break from civilisation. If we take the road towards West from the main port of the island, we enter a secluded universe - yet full of opportunities to exchange with the locals. Throughout this hike, step by step, valley by valley, our perception of time and reality will slowly adjust to the local one. The hospitality and kindness of our host family makes us feel at home.

Day 2 (Hike: 4, 5 hours - level 3)
We early birds bid our hosts farewell before hiking back the trail, lured by the blue ocean, far away. Then, a descent to a green fertile valley allows us to encounter and greet farmers and their children equipping donkeys with packsaddles. While leaving the terraced fields behind us, we wander through a gorge, as the sight of the ocean expands in front of us. A mild sea breeze refreshes us while we walk towards the village of to our new host family.

Day 3 (Hike: 4, 5 hours - level 3)
Today's hike is probably one of the most spectacular of the islands thanks to its outstanding panoramas and really special landscapes that are completely different to the ones you have seen in the last days. One could actually ask oneself if we are still on the same planet?

Day 4
Transfer by car back to the harbour and ferry back to Mindelo. It's a sad moment to leave such a generous island - but those wonderful memories will remain by our side, probably the best way to release our heavy hearts.


Round-trip ferry tickets São Vicente - Santo Antão.
All transfers
3 days with roadbooks
3 picnics
3 dinners
Homestay (3 nights)
Luggage transfer (one night without luggage: Day 3)
Tourist tax

Possibility to combine this hike with another tour.

Price per person

271 € based on 2 people

206 € based on 4 people

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Levels of difficulty:

1 = Easy cheesy
2 = Easy
3 = Difficult in some places
4 = Intense
5 = Do not even think of it
* = Only with a guide

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