Cape Verde Trekking results from a friendly cooperation between the site Mindelo Infos and an English and French-speaking travel agency founded in 2004. Our team includes hiking enthusiasts, nature lovers and island specialists - may it be on a cultural, linguistic or historic level. And all of our guides speak perfect English.
Launched in 2013, the site represents the culmination of years of experience in shaping and organising all kinds of trips and stays in Cape Verde, for French speakers: either classical holidays, trekking with or without guide, for private clients or for European tour-operator companies.

And now, we are proud to announce the birth of its little brother Cape Verde Trekking, designed to fit the needs of our English-speaking customers.

Our agency is one of the rare travel agencies to enjoy the official status of travel agency as defined by Cape Verdean regulations - so our customers can sleep soundly :)
Our goal is to present you Cape Verde as it truly is: we offer authentic, off-the-beaten-path stays and keep our customers away from 7stars resorts that are "blooming" on certain islands... Mass tourism addicts, pass your way!

We also aim at bringing a positive impact to the local development of the islands, so that the local population can benefit from our activities.
Even if our trips are perfect already :), we can arrange and re-think them according to your preferences. In that case, allow us to make a few remarks or suggestions to enliven your stay (regarding, for instance, logistic constraints). Of course, it is also possible for you to entrust us with the shaping of your holidays from A to Z.

Photo credits

Pictures taken by Jean-Pierre Schanen, Kris, Roel Veyt, Sylvie Fondacci, Frédéric Poulain, Antifluor, Oracio Holiveira, Bartolomeu Pizza, Erik Cleves Kristensen, Luc Matthieu, Gérard Rouillard, Antony & Nathalie, Armi Makeia, IDS, DuncanCV, Dave Trainer, Daniel, Philippe Clarinette, Elysa, Romy Fischer, Ulrika, Madeleine Onclin, Big Mike (Snd Tech), Franck Chéreau, F H Mira, Moises Nazario, Philip Babciky & Kathrin, Imke Stahlmann, Claire C, Jean-Claude Gulliver, Laetitia & Efren Kapell, Orsola B, Mic Dax and Lena Ehrlich. We are deeply grateful to all of you!
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