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The Bohemian

Trek without guide

Discover an island often left out in favour of her neighbours - although its history is one of the richest of the archipelago. A mistake made by many would be to see Mindelo merely as a city one transit through, on one's way to Santo Antão. But through its location on a junction between the African, the European and the American continents, Mindelo was exposed to different cultures and influences. The island of São Vicente displays a diversity of panoramas and this little tour will introduce you to many different atmospheres.


Type of stay :
Trek without guide

Island(s) :
São Vicente

Localities visited :
Mindelo, Salamansa, Baia das Gatas, Monte Verde

Length : 3 days
(included 2 of walking)

Maximum difficulty : 2

If they were to compete, the island of São Vicente would not stand a chance against Santo Antão and its steep reliefs, or against São Nicolau's vast valleys.


Yet the island is full of wild landscapes - some resembling Mars - superb white-sanded beaches, green cultivated valleys, arid dunes, all of them being overlooked by Monte Verde. A trip to its summit is mandatory to seize the beauty and character of the island.

Facing the sea, the harbour city of Mindelo truly depicts the concept of "creolity", and is a worthy example of a way of life with multiple influences.
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Day 1
First day in Mindelo, the proud cultural capital, with its music, the Carnival, the sailors' taverns - and let's not forget about the view upon the bay, considered as one of the 30 most beautiful bays in the world (no less!). Cesária Évora once sang: "who does not know Mindelo, does not know Cape Verde"; the barefoot diva brought attention to the town where she was born, and from which she departed. Night in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 2
We wander through Mindelo, its small alleys, its lively markets, its relaxed plaza; Our roadbook tells us about its history, many anecdotes make sure we fall in love a bit more with this city. Finally, we reach Rua de Lisboa, the heart of the city. Mindelo's is lively, effervescent, full of life - certainly not shy or moderate - the only moment where it grants itself some rest is on Sunday.

Day 3 (Hike with roadbook 1 hour // level 1-2 // - 200 m)
We are bent on our quest towards the dunes of the northeast side of the island. On our way we will cross a charming and lively fishing village before heading to Baia das Gatas where we will enjoy a little swim in the ocean. Finally, is there a better way to end this day than enjoying a ride to the top of Monte Verde? If the fickle weather allows it, we will be able to spot the surrounding islands of Santo Antão and Santa Luzia.

All transfers
2 days with roadbooks
1 picnic
1 lunch
Accommodation for 3 nights
1 dinner/concert
Tourist tax

Price per person

226 € based on two people in one double room

215 € based on four people in two double rooms

Price info

Single room extra charge: 77 EUR

São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo São Vicente + Mindelo

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