The Romeo & Juliet
The Romeo & Juliet

The Romeo & Juliet

The Romeo & Juliet
A week unwrapping three different islands: Santiago the African, São Vicente the elegant and Santo Antão the tropical, breadbasket of the North part of the archipelago. Contrasting atmospheres, yet a common sweetness of life.



Type of stay :

Island(s) :
São Vicente
Santo Antão
São Vicente

Localities visited :
Praia, Mindelo, Ponta do Sol, Paúl

Length : 8 days

This tour reveals the contrast between the Northern and Southern islands. It seems as if the archipelago was created for travellers: ten identical islands would have been a bit monotonous, don't you think?

Each island is a small country of its own, with its unique geography, traditions, rhythm and language. With this one-week tour, you will unwrap the diversity of Cape Verde, not only in the landscapes but also among the people themselves.

From the political and economic capital of Praia, to the mountains of Santo Antão almost entirely devoted to agriculture, to the bay city of Mindelo, influenced by foreign cultures such as of Great Britain, Brazil and the Mediterranean region.


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The Romeo & Juliet

Tour designed for passengers of TAP flight to Praia - Santiago.

Day 1
Arrival in Praia, the capital of Cape Verde. After a warm welcome at the airport, you'll be transferred to the city centre. From the historic district of Plateau, there is a beautiful view on the city of Praia. Our Cape Verde Trekking tip: it's better to take photos overlooking the Bay of Gamboa from the Plateau between 4 and 5 pm - the sunlight is simply gorgeous. Night in the District of Plateau, in Praia.

Day 2
We leave the political capital and head to the city of Mindelo, jealously guarding its status of cultural capital. Mindelo, its music, the Carnival, the sailors' taverns - and let's not forget about the view on the bay. As the famous barefoot diva Cesária Évora once sang: Quem ca ta conxê Mindelo, ca ta conché Cabo Verde: who does not know Mindelo, does not know Cape Verde. Transfer from the airport to your accommodation in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 3
Ferry to Santo Antão, the green island. Be careful: the landscapes of this island are of breathtaking beauty. Upon your arrival, find a private taxi or take a public minibus (aluguer). The private taxi, more expensive, will lead you to your destination via the wonderful 'road of the Rope' (and it will stop if you want to take pictures), while most minibuses take the new coastal road, faster and more comfortable - also beautiful, but far less impressive than the road of the Rope.
You are free to decide where you want to spend your 4 nights in Santo Antão: may we suggest you stay in either Paúl or Ponta do Sol.

Day 4
From Ribeira Grande, if you head East along the sea, you pass by Sinagoga, the ruins of a former leper colony, which will soon give way to a tourist complex. Later, Vila das Pombas unexpectedly emerges around a curve. This lovely and prosperous town is located at the quiet end of the Ribeira da Paúl, probably one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cape Verde: a superb agricultural valley filled with the scent of sugar cane, dotted with quaint colonial houses and countless trapiches (cane mills) that produce the local rum called grog.

Day 5
Using the city of Ribeira Grande as a point of reference, you can choose the route towards West, leading to Ponta do Sol: a small, pretty administrative municipality featured with a tiny fishing port, from which you can observe the hectic return of the fishermen. They must go through a rough and narrow channel, aptly named Boca da pistola (the mouth of the gun).
If you want to combine hiking with this stay, see our selection published on Cape Verde Trekking under the hiking section, there is something for everyone and for all levels.
Day 6

Ferry to São Vicente/Mindelo. Our Cape Verde Trekking tip: climb to the first floor of the beautiful covered market on Rua de Lisboa. Or we can also just walk around in Mindelo: we'll probably come accross a live concert in the streets. It is a known fact that Cape Verdean music calms sodade (a feeling best described as homesickness). Night in the historic centre of Mindelo.

Day 7
Flight to Praia and night in the neighbourhood called Plateau in Praia.

Day 8
We are free to dive into the colourful markets of the Cape Verdean capital, have a coffee with milk (galão) on the terrace of the trendy Café Sophia, in the Plateau - where we could also enjoy a very fine tuna Carpaccio - and dine at the restaurant Quintal da Música before leaving to the airport. Transfer to the airport.


Round-trip inter-island flights Santiago - São Vicente in class T
Round-trip ferry tickets São Vicente - Santo Antão
All transfers Airport - Hotel - Airport
7 nights in guesthouses / hotels
Day-use room (Day 8)
Tourist tax

Price per person

497 € based on two people sharing a double room

496 € based on four people

The prices for inter-islands transport vary in certain periods of the year, we may sometimes be required to change the prices shown here : no last minute surprises, we will inform you as soon as our first message.

Price info

Single room extra charge (for the entire stay): 156 EUR per person

The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo e Julieta The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo e Julieta The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo e Julieta The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo e Julieta The Romeo & Juliet / Romeo

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Did you know?

Why Romeo e Julieta?
Because the Capulets and Montaigues could have very well lived on São Vicente and Santiago, two Islands divided not only by the Atlantic Ocean. Usually pointless, occasionaly mischievous, the rivalry between the two islands can sometimes be more serious. The tension goes back to the 19th century when there were talks about changing the political capital (still under the Portuguese colonial system) from Praia to Mindelo.

Whereas this antagonism did not have unfortunate consequences in a country as united as peaceful, some frictions may occur here and there. The badius (name of the people) from Praia are blamed for concentrating all the political and economic power and abandoning Mindelo - while sampadjus are said to have hindered the development of their island because of their pronounced inclination to party.

Romeo e Julieta is also the name given in some areas to the sweet and savoury desert made of papaya jam and goat cheese.

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