The Melody

The Melody

Trek with guide

The Melody
Embrace the beauty of the Northern islands: hike in the mountains of Santo Antão and discover Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde and ancient Rome of the Atlantic - where parties and concerts give rhythm to local life.



Type of stay :
Trek with guide

Island(s) :
São Vicente
Santo Antão
São Vicente

Localities visited :
Mindelo, Caibros, Cha de Igreja, Cruzinha, Fontainhas, Paúl

Length : 7 days
(included 4 of walking)

Maximum difficulty : 3

Recharge your batteries in one of the most beautiful regions of Earth that still remains untamed. Draw strength from the friendliness and simplicity of local inhabitants and from the refreshing air of the mountains. Take your time to discover, feel, taste, talk, smile and wander. No rush here, no must-do; Take this opportunity to relax, far from the outer world, out of time.


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The Melody

For hiking enthusiasts

Day 1
Arrival at the airport of São Vicente. Transfer to our hotel in town.
Day 2
Mindelo is known to be the cultural capital of the country. Today, we discover its lively markets, some hidden spots and a wonderful panoramic view of the bay city. After a little coffee break in a typical Cape Verdean bar, we learn about the Cape Verdean art by visiting a pottery school and a luthier workshop. Throughout this tour, we surely can't ignore the colours, the fragrances and the music of this vibrant city.

Day 3 (Hike: 5 hours - level 3)
Santo Antão is ours! We take the old road that goes through the island, along which the views upon the sea are breathtaking. Our hike starts from a vast red stained plateau. We don't just notice the hospitality of the locals but also the beautiful and varied views from the top - and the great taste of the local goat cheese. It's time for us to trade the aridity of the plateaus for a green valley, and meet our host family for the night.

Day 4 (Hike: 4 hours - level 2-3)
A nice cup of tea at breakfast gives us the strength to cross two superb valleys. A few words of Cape Verdean Creole help us interact a little bit more with locals, along with our smiles - and if we compliment them on their national football team, we'll certainly weave closer links! Later we share the house of a family for the night, enjoy a homemade dinner and can't help feeling at home.

Day 5 (Hike: 6 hours - level 2-3)
The hike along the coast, one of our favourites, is one of the most spectacular hikes in Cape Verde. Today, it's ours! Trails built by shepherds, right above the ocean, lead us through exceptional landscapes - it goes up and down, each curve revealing new surprises.

Day 6 (Hike: 3 hours - level 2-3)
Let's conquer the valley of Paúl. Today, we ramble through green sceneries, pass by numerous smiling inhabitants and identify tropical plants.

Day 7
Ferry back to São Vicente. We store our luggage in order to enjoy the day in Mindelo. Transfer to the airport.


Round-trip ferry tickets São Vicente - Santo Antão
Your guide for Day 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
1 lunch
3 picnics
4 dinners
1 coffee break
Accommodation for 6 nights (2 nights of homestay)
Transfers on the ground
1 night without luggage (Day 4)
Tourist tax

Price per person

635 € based on 2 people

487 € based on 4 people

Price info

Single room extra charge (day 1, 2, 5 and 6): 78 EUR per person

The Melody Mélodie The Melody Mélodie The Melody Mélodie The Melody Mélodie

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Levels of difficulty:

1 = Easy cheesy
2 = Easy
3 = Difficult in some places
4 = Intense
5 = Do not even think of it
* = Only with a guide

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